Shanti Pile Cap 05-09-2022

Shanti: Pile Cap work under process

07-09-2022: After the completion of the piling work of Shanti Co-operative, now the pile cap work is being done. Under each pile cap there are two or three piles, which are about 60 feet underground. Pile caps create a stable foundation and offer a larger area for the distribution of the building load onto the piles. They act in a similar way to piled raft foundations, where a concrete slab rests on soil...

Shanti (L.I.G) piling work started

Shanti is a park corner south-east side open plot near Biswa Bangla gate. The piling work commence from 20 Feb 2022,and the foundation would be laid after one and half months after the piling .The possession of the flat keys  awaiting eagerly by the customers  would be given on September 2023 to enjoy the blissful experience . More details...


SHANTI which is on STREET NO: 237 New Town Action Area I. It is a L Corner plot and surrounded on two sides by a park. Front side has 40 ft broad road open with greenery and desirable complimentary the “magnificent serenity . Today is the auspicious day of 11Feb 2022 when the five elements of nature are adored which is a Hindu ritual performed in honors of Goddess Bhoomi which means mother earth. and...

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