Dream Hut


Dream Hut : Column Casting

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWbr_leBnsk&ab_channel=SSKDEVELOPERSAfter the casting of the slab of the 1st floor, now the work of column casting is going on for the slab of the 2nd floor. At the same time, the work of masonry of lift wall and stairs is going on. It is expected that the slab can be cast within ten to fifteen...

Dream Hut Piling Work

Dream Hut Piling work underway

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hf8_z8reTYY Dream Hut is a South facing L.I.G co-operative property near The New Town School. Currently, Piling work is under process. Project expected completion date: Nov 2023. Know more at: ...

Dream-Hut Bhumi Puja

Dream-Hut Bhumi Puja

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ba4GcY4dxXsToday 19th May 2022 we conducted bhumi puja for the construction of a new building for Dream Hut Co-operative in DB Block near New Town school. After that the piling work started. It will take possession of the plot at heart of New Town in Eighteen Months. Know more at:...


Dream Hut (DB-190) Construction Begins From Today

Dream Hut is a South facing with 2 balconies situated in a prominent locality near The New Town School . This Aesthetically designed residential project encompasses 2 BHK flats in New Town, Action Area 1. This property has a super built-Up area of 990 sq.ft. and 792 sq,ft of covered area and brings you combine of the finest design and amenities to provide a living experience unlike any other. The flat...

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